It’s been nearly 45 days since Zach introduced me as the new Executive Director of the Headstrong Project, therefore I wanted to take the time to re-introduce myself, in my own words.

As Zach mentioned, I lost my older brother Jimmy on 9/11. He was just a 23 year-old burgeoning stockbroker when he was killed with 657 of his co-workers at Cantor-Fitzgerald. That day inspired me, and millions of other veterans, to dedicate their lives to service, in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.

I’d eventually re-deploy and get out of the Army to finally marry my wife Melanie, who has a story of her own. She lost her brother Jeff in Iraq, who was operating just a couple of miles away from where I was deployed in 2004. Jeff died a hero, and the shared loss of our brothers inspired me to dedicate my life to help veterans transition out of the military through an organization called Team Red, White & Blue.

The work filled us with community and purpose, but something was missing, and what was missing was the story of the other brother that’s sometimes uncomfortable to talk about. Melanie’s other brother Kevin died by suicide in June 2004, eight months before Jeff was killed in Iraq.

Kevin’s story is our new mission.

We are now dedicating our lives to preventing veteran suicide by healing the hidden wounds of war through Headstrong.

Headstrong currently has clinicians in nine markets, so if you are a veteran in need, simply reach out. It’s confidential.

In 2018, we are looking to expand to reach even more veterans, so we need your continued support. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to not only grow an organization, but to grow a movement.

A movement that will sweep across the country, from Buffalo to Denver to San Diego, to end the stigma around suicide and get our veterans the cost-free, world-class mental health care that they deserve.

Thank you for joining the movement!

All the Best,

Joe Quinn

Healing the hidden wounds of war

Healing the hidden wounds of war