• Jake Wood

    Jake Wood

    CEO of @TeamRubicon & Author of #TakeCommand | Husband to @indrapetersons | Advisor @pos_rep | Former Marine Sniper & UW Badger

  • melinda evelyn

    melinda evelyn

  • Tony Rossi

    Tony Rossi

    Program Manager | #Operations Leader | #Innovation and #Social #Business Geek | US Navy Veteran -- My white collar is a faded blue collar in disguise...

  • Jane Strong

    Jane Strong

  • David Flores

    David Flores

    Knows what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding, social media... and more. Social media manager at @EinsteinMed. All tweets here are my own.

  • Laurie Works

    Laurie Works

    I write. About being a mass shooting survivor, a feminist, recovering addict, young adult, and my personal growth - in short, my resilient audacity. Join me!

  • df wilson

    df wilson

  • Sangram Kakad

    Sangram Kakad

    Founder, MTJF - More Than Just Friends

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