Welcome Blayne Smith to Headstrong

It’s an honor to welcome Blayne Smith to the Headstrong Family.

Blayne’s resume and titles are impressive: West Pointer, Green Beret, Scholar, President of GoRuck, and Executive Director of Team Red, White & Blue.

But Blayne’s most impressive titles are: Father, Husband, Leader and Friend.

In a sense you can say Blayne and I sort of grew up together during our 5+ years at Team RWB, so I couldn’t be more fired up to work with him again as there’s no one I trust and respect more.

At Headstrong, we have a bold vision to build a world-class clinical network to heal the hidden wounds of war for thousands of veterans across the country. We are not just going to scale an organization, but we are going to scale a movement to end the stigma around mental health in order to give veterans the cost-free, bureaucracy-free and effective treatment they deserve.

For a movement to grow, it needs vision, leadership, presence and momentum.

Blayne’s presence on the Headstrong Team is momentum building, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have his leadership help turn our vision into reality.

All the Best,

Joe Quinn

Executive Director

Healing the hidden wounds of war

Healing the hidden wounds of war